Frequently asked questions

1. What is Andros Homes?
Andros Homes is comprised of 33 independent houses that spread across a 10-acre estate. These 10 acres have been divided into 4-acre lots, each containing 3 to 4 houses.

2. What are the sizes of the houses and the land around them?
There are homes of 75, 85, 105, 120 m2. The land that belongs to each house is proportional to the house size ranging from 650m2 to 1200m2.

3. How is the land in each property lot divided among the co-owners?
Legally the land in each lot isn't divided because of the law of horizontal ownership. However, practically the land is partitioned by the landscaping of the grounds, by trees and plants that each owner plants and by the private agreement signed by all the co-owners.

4. Is there an ownership regulation?
Yes, there are regulations similar to those that exist in apartment buildings. These regulations determine the rights and obligations of the different owners. Naturally, since in each property lot there is a maximum of four homeowners, arriving to a mutual decision is fairly easy. In practice, the regulation applies to the land only, since the houses are separate (each house has is autonomous and independent of the other houses).

5. Where are the houses situated?
The houses are being built in the area of Ag. Nikolaos Gavrio, on the bank across the village. Andros Homes is only short walk from the center of the village. Thus, the residents of Andros Homes are close enough to Gavrio to easily fulfill any need, but also away from busy center.

6. Are there any basic utilities provided?
Yes, there is city water, electricity and phone provision.

7. In which stage are the homes delivered to the owners?
In Andros Homes the houses are delivered upon completion. Owners are not required to get overly involved with the house construction and the administrative or legal technicalities.

8. How much does a house at Andros Homes cost?
This depends on the property lot, the size of the house and any special construction requests that you may have.

9. How much time does the completion of the house take?
On average the construction takes about 14 months, depending on the weather, the buyer's needs, the payment schedule and the season the purchase was made (i.e. low or high construction period).

10. How are the payments made?
The first payment is made when the deeds are drawn. During the construction period, payments are made in pre-arranged installments once a major phase is completed, reviewed and approved by the buyer.


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